A Postcard From Dartmoor

26 January 2013 // A Postcard From Dartmoor

Words & pictures from West Country correspondent Mr. Alex Smith. The Ted Hughes Memorial Stone It’s been here a good twelve years now but it still looks as if it has only just been dropped on the grassy mound on which it stands. There’s no real sense that the stone was born here or that […]

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The Bird Effect Diary

25 January 2013 // Birds //Books

Ceri Levy reviews the highlights of recently published words on birds. Three bird-related books landed on my overly cluttered desk in the last couple of weeks and all of them are deserving of my attention. Each comes from a very different perspective; one is a book about the world of conservation; the next is about […]

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Caught by the River Social Club

24 January 2013 // Events

Here’s a few photos taken at Tuesday night’s Social Club by Malcolm Anderson – sadly missing contributors Melissa, Will, Cheryl and Ian. Master of ceremonies John Andrews (front) and DJ Stephen Cracknell (The Memory Band) Luke Jennings just prior to reading his mindblowing short story Homecoming Top smudger Neil ‘Tomo’ Thomson, Caught by the River’s […]

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The Can House

24 January 2013 // Miscellany

by Michael Smith From the first moment I saw the long, unedited rushes of The Can House, the idea intrigued me – a Hansel & Gretel-style gingerbread cottage that sprouted on a Hartlepool estate, only one constructed out of Fosters’ beer cans by a family of chronic alcoholics – a truly heroic/tragic/comic hymn to alcohol, […]

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23 January 2013 // Events

John Andrews and Luke Jennings at The Queen’s Head, Piccadilly, 22 January, 2013. Photo by Tomo. Words from the wise at last night’s Caught by the River Social Club. A great night. Thank you to everyone that came along and made it memorable. Thanks to poet-in-residence Will Burns, to Stephen Cracknell for the tunes, to […]

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