Caught by the River at Field Day

27 February 2013 // Chris Watson Watch //Events //Miscellany //Music

We’re extremely proud to announce that we’re hosting a new stage at this year’s Field Day (25th May 2013) – the UK’s best metropolitan music festival. With the music side of things already covered incredibly well (the bill includes Animal Collective, Bat for Lashes, TOY, Stealing Sheep, Daphni, Four Tet, Kurt Vile, Savages and John […]

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Ian Nairn’s Journeys – The Orient Express

26 February 2013 // Miscellany

Travis Elborough writes: Recalling the great but today sorely neglected architectural critic and broadcaster Ian Nairn, his former Sunday Times colleague Ian Jack, once maintained that Nairn ‘was shy, ruminative and kind, and always looked sad. On TV’, he added, ‘you heard that catch in the voice, saw those watery eyes’. And in this railway […]

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The Wolf Tracker

26 February 2013 // On Nature //Radio

Hi Jeff, I just heard a programme on the radio that I thought would be of interest to Caught by the River readers: There are officially around 270 wolves living wild in Sweden. For some reason, this was considered a large enough number for the Swedish environmental agency to license limited hunting every year from […]

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Pleasures of… February

25 February 2013 // Miscellany //Pleasures

A bunch of stuff caught our eye over the last month or so making us think it was time to bring back our semi-regular Pleasures postings. Some of these recommendations we’ve read, watched or listened to already; others we just think you’ll share our curiosity for. Hope you find something you like: photo: Gary Edwardes […]

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A Walking Weekend in Sedbergh

24 February 2013 // Miscellany

Howgills from the moors: Joel Hitchins-Samson by Lisa Samson Approaching Sedbergh from Kirby Lonsdale, the hills of the Howgills rise like giant sugar heaps, sprinkled with snow. In complete contrast to the craggy limestone outcrops of nearby Dentdale and Ingleborough, they are formed out of hard humps of sandstone. Sedbergh is an ancient grey-faced town […]

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