Waxwings in Tunbridge Wells

31 March 2013 // Birds

Hello Caught by the River, Ceri’s post about Waxwings in Bracknell reminded me of a marvellous sighting we had recently of 20 or so in a small tree not 30 yards from our front door in Tunbridge Wells. We had just left the house for a stroll in the shy winter sunshine and immediately came […]

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The Bird Effect Diaries

30 March 2013 // The Bird Effect

An update from Ceri Levy. January 12th I don’t quite understand what is happening at this point in time as far as the natural world goes but it seems like the environment and wildlife is getting a kicking. The EU budget is being decided in February and everything is pointing to a cut in funding […]

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A Chalk Stream

29 March 2013 // Poetry

A poem by Peter West. I am caught by a neon lighted cubical each day. Returning on the morrow with the expectation of my best. To deal with the political silliness, the schmoozing, the posturing that decides who is better than the rest. I am caught by people who are not at ease in silence […]

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More Names for Festival No 6

28 March 2013 // Events //Music

We’re really chuffed to announce another couple of names for the Estuary Stage at Festival No 6. Fresh and firing on all cylinders after their Drill:London mini festival put on in conjunction with the Quietus, the magnificent Wire will be headlining on the Sunday night. And elsewhere over the weekend, occasional Caught by the River […]

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27 March 2013 // Music

Will Burns shares his thoughts on Muchacho, the latest LP from Phosphorescent. When a new record comes out by an artist you really love, there’s that heady moment just before the first track starts. A little like the moment before you move in for a kiss, it’s a moment pregnant with a definitively youthful blend […]

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