Direct From Nature

26 March 2013 // Books //Photography

Direct from Nature: The Photographic Work of Richard & Cherry Kearton an edit of the introduction, written by John Bevis and published by Uniformbooks of Axminster. The brothers Richard and Cherry Kearton were the first popular heroes of British nature photography, whose books and slide lectures inspired countless naturalists. Bird photography, the principal object of […]

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Kingfisher Days

25 March 2013 // Poetry

A poem by Virginia Astley. You say the clematis has grown in the night as the moon imprinted herself and eight petalled stars fell in the hedgerow. You say the year is turning but these are kingfisher days and girls in ostentatious cars look blond and frozen. You ask if I’ve seen the cottage collapsed […]

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The Music Book Reader Bulletin

24 March 2013 // Music Book Reader - Bulletin

brought to us as always by Mr Andy Childs. Everything Is An Afterthought : The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson by Kevin Avery Fantagraphics Books 497pp hdbk. When I first started to have enough money to buy records on a regular basis my guide to what I should be listening to was largely the […]

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The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter

23 March 2013 // Books

Kevin Sampson reviews the first book in Malcolm Mackay’s Glasgow Trilogy: So you’re galloping toward the climax of this hugely enjoyable crime thriller, The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter. The amount of book in your right hand is down to a thin sheaf and you’re thinking – how the ruddy heck is he going to […]

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The Wild Flower Calendar

22 March 2013 // The Wild Flower Calendar

March – The Blackthorn Illustration: Greg Stevenson Words: Mathew Clayton For most of the year the blackthorn is a craggy, thorny, undistinguished tree except for a few weeks in March when it is covered with surprisingly beautiful, simple and elegant flowers. And this combination of ragged tree and delicate flower (and the fact that I […]

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