Visions of the Stour Valley

30 June 2013 // Miscellany

Wormingford, Essex (Stour Valley), 2013, photo by Justin Partyka Received an email from Justin Partyka about a series of projects in East Anglia around the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley and thought a few readers might be interested in heading along.

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Somewhere between the woods and the water

29 June 2013 // Rambles

The River Avon, Bristol, June 2013 Words & pictures: Daniel Greenwood. I walk along the floating harbour in search of the woodlands I know are further downstream of the Avon, high above the city of Bristol. The harbour is a story of new developments in a variety of different colours and states. One sign by […]

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River Life: Angling on the Wye

28 June 2013 // Events //On Water

Photo from the collection of Andrews of Arcadia: a portrait of a d.s. allen with three salmon caught and killed, as was the fashion, at bredwardine on 1st march 1953. j w youngs used this photo to illustrate one of their tackle catalogues as the fish were caught on an ambidex no. 2 reel – […]

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A Mixed Bag – Opening Day

27 June 2013 // A Mixed Bag

Jon Berry with his first report of the new season: Wild carp are a totem fish for traditional anglers, a physical and incongruous reminder of angling’s past, but their scarcity is the stuff of legend. When Les and I decided that we wanted to catch one, and to do so on Opening Day, we knew […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Bobby “Blue” Bland

26 June 2013 // Remembrance

Tim Tooher pays tribute to Bobby “Blue” Bland, who died this week aged 83: First George Jones, and now Bobby “Blue” Bland. If Billie Holiday were still alive, she’d be feeling very nervous right now. Jones and Bland were both that good, good enough to be compared with the very, very best. George Jones has […]

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