Pete’s Hill

25 June 2013 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Malcom Anderson Of all the places in the West Dorset of my youth, none crop up in memory as often as Pete’s Hill. A greensand island surrounded by an undulating sea of clay Pete’s Hill stands proud of the surrounding Dorset landscape, an earthy beacon hugged by a couple of lonely […]

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Meeting Charlie Parr

24 June 2013 // Film/TV //Music

Meeting Charlie Parr – Teaser II from meetingcharlieparr on Vimeo. Caught by the River Poet-in-Residence, Will Burns, reviews a new documentary film on the life of the folksinger Charlie Parr: It was my brother who first introduced me to the music of Charlie Parr. We used to hang out at each other’s houses, play guitars, […]

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Inside the Circle of Fire

23 June 2013 // Chris Watson Watch

We found this story while out on our regular Chris Watson Watch: Chris is creating an all-encompassing sonic map of Sheffield and looking for contributions. The website describes the project thus and asks for contributions: “In this ambitious new exhibition, Inside the Circle of Fire, Chris will transform the Millennium Gallery into an immersive ‘sound […]

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James Gandolfini RIP

22 June 2013 // Film/TV

Before Caught by the River landed online – back when it was a series conversations between mates, usually on afternoons off on the bankside or days lost to the snug bar – one of the main topics at that time was the Wire. The first series of HBO’s superlative series had just come out on […]

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Radio Unnameable

21 June 2013 // Miscellany //Radio

“It can make you wish – or, if you’re lucky, remember – that you were a sleepless New Yorker in 1967, kept from loneliness by a gentle, soulful voice on the radio.” A.O. Scott, The New York Times In The Dark present the first London screening of Radio Unnameable, the feature-length documentary about Bob Fass; […]

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