Caught by the River at Open East

31 July 2013 // Events //Music //Pint/Cake

Still reeling from a mindblowingly good weekend at the Open East Festival in the Queen Elizabeth Park. Thanks to the good folks at Create London and the Barbican, Caught by the River were able to host two whole days of singers, thinkers and drinkers (many managed all three, sometimes all at once) on the banks […]

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At the edge of the city: the Karow Ponds

30 July 2013 // Miscellany //On Water

Words & Pictures: Paul Scraton On a sunny Sunday we decide to escape the heat of Berlin by catching the S-Bahn north to the very edge of the city, where the Panke River runs alongside a small patch of marshland and meadows, pasture and ponds. We walk through suburban streets until a path takes us […]

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The House on the Bank of the Maiden’s Pool

29 July 2013 // Rambles

A night in an abandoned hamlet by Will Roberts High in Southern Snowdonia lies a forgotten plateau. It’s a beautiful, wild place. It rains hard and often. The wind bends trees. There are footpaths shown on the map but in reality they are lost, covered in heather or swallowed by bog.

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Vanishing Points – Paintings and Collages

28 July 2013 // Miscellany

Very interesting show in the Cue B Gallery in Brockley by the artist Paul Smith. Entitled Vanishing Points, the show is inspired by landscape as well as texts such as Richard Mabey’s The Unofficial Countyside, Graham Swift’s Waterland and JG Ballard’s Drowned World.

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The Needle and The Damage Done

27 July 2013 // Events //Miscellany

A solo cross stitch exhibition by Pete Fowler Long time Caught by the River collaborator and friend Pete Fowler has an exhibition of his cross stitch work coming up in London. Having seen some of the work already, we can assure you it’s a total and utter trip – really worth crossing the tracks for. […]

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