Pint by the River

31 August 2013 // Pint/Cake

The best little brewery in South Wales… By Roger Clapham Good beer is increasingly easy to come by in Britain these days, and that’s clearly and universally a good thing – you’ll hear no complaint from me about it. Exceptional beer, the kind that stops you in your tracks and demands you stop jabbering on […]

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Podcast of the Week – Crackleton Manor

30 August 2013 // Music //Radio

This was in our Twitter feed this morning: #Hipsters – this is the podcast you can say you were listening to BEFORE it got really popular: … Recordings 1902-1950 so naturally, we were curious – sad right? Our interest was ramped up a notch by noticing that their tweets are followed by our friends and […]

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Stanley Donwood Exhibition

29 August 2013 // Events

Stanley says: I’m ‘pleased’ to announce that I will be returning to 8 Greek Street in Soho (the London one) once more, to exhibit what I’m hoping people will one day refer to as my ‘tree period’ work. I have been painting ‘scenes from nature’, and ‘pastoral vistas’. None of the work, however, was painted […]

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28 August 2013 // Miscellany

Caught by the River poet-in-residence Will Burns will be reading a couple of his short stories at the Faber Social event on 2 September. Ahead of that you can read one for yourself – Verge – on the Faber site. A Thames poem by Claire Collison on The Island Review. Tim Dee on the rise […]

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Four Fields

27 August 2013 // Books

Four Fields By Tim Dee Joanthan Cape, 288pp, hardback Review by Melissa Harrison ‘Four Fields… tells the story of four fields spread around the world – the flora and fauna contained within them and their natural and human histories’. Thus reads the blurb for Tim Dee’s first book since The Running Sky: a Bird-Watching Life, […]

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