The River Soar

26 September 2013 // The River Soar

Words & pictures by Mat Bingham. In July my family and I upped sticks and moved to the midlands. We picked a spot to move to based on a number of criteria. It needed a good school for our son, we like rural life so we needed a suitable village with a pub and it […]

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Music and Migration III

25 September 2013 // Birds //Music

Music and Migration III (Second Language, CD, out now) Review by David Hemingway At its most straight-forward, this third volume of Music and Migration is a lovingly-curated collection of songs, more or less themed around bird-life and packaged in a sleeve-image (by Clay Pipe Music’s Frances Castle) that would be pretty enough to hang on […]

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Your Appointment With The Wicker Man

24 September 2013 // Film/TV //Music

There are myriad stories surrounding The Wicker Man – the 1973 film once proclaimed ‘the Citizen Kane of horror movies’. Famously, the original negative is supposed to have ended up propping up pylons on the M4 motorway. hence the lack of a definitive reissue. After years of searching, a 35 mm print turned up in […]

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River Witham: Scenes from the Waterside

23 September 2013 // Scenes from the Waterside

Illustration by Jonathan Gibbs Words by Neil Sentance 1995: North End, part 2 An old hose stood limp by the cattle byre. Past the turnstile gate, the reek of dried manure still hung in the air. How many beasts passed through here during the life of North End farm, their hooves clattering on the broken-brick […]

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Field Report from No 6 (#2)

22 September 2013 // Events

Pic: Tomo: The River Dwyryd, from the Portmeirion Hotel last Sunday morning. At 8am, this day, last week, I was seated in the dining room of a Porthmadog guest house with tea poured, newspaper open and toast on it’s way, feeling mightily pleased that I’d had the foresight to book myself off of the No […]

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