The Caught by the River Nature Book Reader

30 November 2013 // Books //Nature Book Reader

For All Those Left Behind (Mainstream Publishing, 2002) John Andrews Nominated by Mathew Clayton. This morning at 8am I walked through the unlovely 1960s estate where I live to catch the bus into Lewes. The sky was battleship grey and it looked like someone had strung a giant net curtain in front of the South […]

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The Gentle Author’s London Album

29 November 2013 // Books

The Gentle Author’s London Album by The Gentle Author Spitalfields Life Books, published today. Review by John Andrews The Gentle Author’s London Album is the second venture in print for the much celebrated diarist, archivist and historian known to thousands as ‘Your Loyal Servant’. Like much, if not nearly all of the work that is […]

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Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and Its Meanings

28 November 2013 // Books

Towards Re-Enchantment: Place and Its Meanings edited by Gareth Evans and Di Robson, Artevents, review by Ken Worpole, originally published 20 November 2010. Republished today to mark a newly available re-print. For much of the 20th century the view of mainland Britain was the view from the car. The early culture of motoring came wrapped […]

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The Kenneth Allsop Memorial Evening: Fields, Rivers & Bees

27 November 2013 // Books

Neil Sentance reviews Fields, Rivers and Bees, the Kenneth Allsop Memorial Evening which took place in Bridport, Dorset on Friday 15 November. A couple of weeks ago I took the kids for a walk along the River Bride, the most westerly chalk stream in England. We hiked along the white riverside tracks scoured out by […]

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The River Ure

26 November 2013 // Miscellany

‘Will Loves Georgie’ by David Stead. Leaving the car in the lane I wander off down the deserted side track. On the left, piles of steaming manure are speckled with rooks, crows and Jackdaws like currants in a giant fruitcake mix. On my approach the corvids reluctantly take wing, croaking complaint like heavy smokers forced […]

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