Brighter Later

31 January 2014 // Photography

By Brian David Stevens 14. Devon Brighter Later is a journey around Britain looking out to sea from each coastal county. If you’ve ever seen old footage of a steam train travelling along a sea wall, right next to a beach as holiday makers put down their briar pipes, stir from their deck chairs and […]

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Chris Watson Watch

30 January 2014 // Chris Watson Watch

An email from Andy Childs is always enlightening and this morning he kindly sent notice of an hour’s worth of radio 4 not to be missed next Tuesday (4th Feb): 11am to 11.30am – Nature : Islands of Ice and Fire – Chris Watson travels to Iceland. Now on the iPlayer. 11.30am to 12noon – […]

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A Soundmap of London Canals and Minor Rivers

30 January 2014 // Miscellany

An auditory tribute to Harry Beck’s Underground map, the skeleton which has long lent shape to the city in the minds of Londoners. Here sounds were collected from along London’s canals and lesser rivers. Completed in March 2012. Visit the London Sound Survey site, click on a placename to hear its sounds and read about […]

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Time Lapsed Bird Paths

29 January 2014 // Birds

data in data out from Dennis Hlynsky on Vimeo. Saw this fantastic site the other day featuring American artist and professor Dennis Hlynsky’s incredible time lapsed films of the flight patterns of birds. Click here for more info – it frazzles my head if I try to explain it.

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A Year in Oxleas Woods

28 January 2014 // Miscellany //Up The Woods

by Emma Warren On the floor of Oxleas Woods there’s a circle of dropped leaf, twig and acorn underneath a tree. It’s not a special tree, just one I’ve stopped under during this autumn stroll. The acorns have been on the floor for a few weeks now, and no doubt some of them will have […]

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