Drove Cottage

28 February 2014 // Drove Cottage

Picking up the pieces. Words and pictures by Malcolm Anderson. Eighty square feet – Eight feet by ten. That’s what my world has been packed down in to. Following the evacuation of Drove Cottage my stuff has been boxed, bagged and piled high into the battleship grey metal container on a gritty faceless industrial estate […]

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Revisiting Forest Pitch

27 February 2014 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Rob St. John Somewhere, perhaps in southern Scotland, there’s a commemorative cup designed by Sir Walter Scott and given to the winners of a game of football played in the Borders in the midwinter of 1815. The match, known as the Carterhaugh ba’, lasted over five hours, and took place over […]

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Water and Sky: A Caught by the River Book

26 February 2014 // Books //Caught By...

We’re pretty bloody delighted to be able to announce that we’re publishing Neil Sentance’s Water and Sky: Voices from the Riverside, our first original title in May. After a couple of fantastic compendiums (Words on Water and On Nature), this book is an original by a longtime Caught by the River contributor; and that’s being […]

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Matt’s Bird of the Week – Crossbill

25 February 2014 // Matt Sewell //Matt's Bird of the Week

Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) Words and picture by Matt Sewell. My maths teacher used to ask me how I would tell jokes with no teeth. Likewise with this chap, how’s he going to sing with crossed chops? Not very well, is the answer on both occasions. The Crossbill is a Scandinavian Alpine Finch, a winter visitor […]

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Some Scenes From The Life Of A Ruin Walker

24 February 2014 // Books

By Geoff Nicholson ONE: If, like me, you happen to have written a book titled The Lost Art of Walking, people tend to ask you, “What’s your favourite walk?” I always find this a really difficult question. I want to answer honestly, and I definitely don’t want to be evasive or pretentious, but the answer […]

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