Many Rivers To Cross

31 March 2014 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Melissa Mouchemore Many rivers to cross But I can’t seem to find my way over Wandering I am lost as I travel along The White Cliffs of Dover (Jimmy Cliff/Coby Recht 1969) Collecting ferries. A strange project for a middle aged woman. A ferry anorak, a ferry spotter. How did that […]

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From North Wales to the American Interior

30 March 2014 // Music //Port Eliot Festival

The reliably fantastic Gruff Rhys is headlining our stage at Port Eliot Festival this year. This week, he posted a video for his forthcoming single, the title track from his new LP American Interior. Of the record (and it’s associated book, film and app), Uncut magazine this month says it is “rooted in anthropology and […]

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The Last Eel Catcher

29 March 2014 // On Water

We were reminded this week of the East Anglian legend Peter Carter, an eel man extraordinaire, last mentioned on this site in a letter from Zanderland dated August 2012.

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Trees in the City

28 March 2014 // Miscellany

Metro Felix Fauré, Paris, 2012 Words and pictures by Georgina Cook “For me, trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. I revere them when they live in tribes and families, in forests and groves. And even more I revere them when they stand alone. They are like lonely persons. Not like hermits who have […]

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New Kurt Jackson exhibition

27 March 2014 // Events

Regular Caught by the River contributor Kurt Jackson showcases a series of paintings re-visiting the isles of Scilly, off the coast of his West Cornish home, for a new exhibition. It runs from Saturday 5th April at 10am until Monday May 5th at the Campden Gallery in Gloucestershire. As Kurt says;  “Islands have always held a particular fascination […]

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