Water and Sky is on its way!

26 March 2014 // Books //On Water //Scenes from the Waterside

We’re excited to announce Neil Sentance’s debut book Water and Sky is hot off the press and on its way to us… Our first joint venture with the wonderful Little Toller, it’s published May 1st and you can pre-order it from the Caught by the River shop here. There are still a few signed copies left, with […]

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Slack Water (Neritic Sequence) by Daniel Crockett

25 March 2014 // Poetry

(For Mark Dickinson) The tide moves in, clockwise Up Running rightside Omens of still moon’s silent Wax Tugging water Somnambulant, basking pillars Drenched Kelp ladders stack Hangs at noon, dangles slack Laggard; Fools see stasis The tide falls out, counterclockwise Sink Gravity in flux Pools marooned, evaporate Under Slumped silva Exposed hectares of fecund Flesh […]

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In the Wilderness of Wirral

24 March 2014 // Miscellany //On Nature

An unwelcome modern intrusion into one of his favourite wildernesses takes Richard Carter on an unplanned medieval journey in reverse. alle þe iles of anglesay on lyft half he haldez and farez ouer þe fordez by þe forlondez ouer at þe holy hede til he hade eft bonk in þe wyldrenesse of wyrale wonde þer […]

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The Industrial Thames

23 March 2014 // On Water

Proctor & Gamble, West Thurrock Douglas McCarthy has been walking and photographing the Thames Estuary for over a decade. In a new collection of images, Douglas explores the industrial character of the Thames’s eastern reaches: Beyond the apartment blocks and offices that line the Thames from the Pool of London to the Barrier, lies a […]

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As The Season Ends…

22 March 2014 // On Water

The River Eden at Edenbridge, Kent Steve Phillips on the banks of two rivers in the South-East of England on the closing days of the 2013-14 coarse fishing season: perfect conditions last day Friday, 2 hrs on the Eden, 4 chub, biggest 4.7, another just over 4 and the others about 2.5..lost 2 others..a decent […]

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