Pleasures of…April

30 April 2014 // Pleasures

The Intertidal Zone by William Atkins ‘There was a melancholy wind, and the marshes were very dismal. A stranger would have found them unsupportable, and even to me they were so oppressive that I hesitated, half inclined to go back.’ – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Among the weeds in the corner of the churchyard, close […]

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The Wild Flower Calendar

29 April 2014 // Mathew Clayton //The Wild Flower Calendar

April: Lesser Celandine Illustration: Greg Stevenson Words: Mathew Clayton Pilewort sounds like the name of a New Wave of Heavy Metal bands that Sounds championed in the 1980s, but is in fact a common name of the lesser celandine, a small yellow flower currently massing underneath hedgerows and along damp grass verges. A harbinger of […]

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An extract from the Lost Diary of Christopher Yates

28 April 2014 // Books

The Lost Diary: April-September 1981 Fishing Diary of C. Fennyhough Yates Unbound, hardcover, 160pages (1 May) Thursday 14th The joy of the close season lies, firstly, in the increase of time to do things other than fishing and, secondly, in the cooking up of dreams connected with fishing. And one of the best ways to […]

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Township twitching

27 April 2014 // Birds

Words and pictures: Emma Warren Bafana Nkosi is Kliptown’s only bird tour guide. It’s a hot April afternoon and he’s sauntering down an ochre track to the wetlands behind Soweto’s oldest informal settlement with locally-ubiquitous sandals made from white taxi tyres on his feet. He’s a charming and disarming host, full of wry asides and […]

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England in Colour 1939

27 April 2014 // Photography

Dear Anglers, I saw this whilst I ate toast this morning and thought it may be the sort of thing fellow Caught by the River readers may enjoy, Cally 1939: England in Color (part 1): Barney Britton: Their relative rarity makes the discovery of color images older than the 1960s instantly fascinating. After all, early […]

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