Ghosts of the Great North Wood

27 May 2014 // Ghosts of the Great North Wood

Words and pictures by Karen D Tregaskin 1: Biggin Wood “I was bored with the familiar paths and meadows of Streatham Common, and looking for a new local walk, when I saw a tiny, previously unknown patch of green on the map. Biggin Wood. I found the name ironic; ‘Byghan’ in Cornish means ‘little’. Like […]

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The Inshore Waters

26 May 2014 // Islands

The Gugh, courtesy of Gibson-Kyne, St. Mary’s Words by Sue Brooks There are warnings of gales in all areas except Trafalgar. I leave the radio speaking softly to itself in the kitchen and negotiate the stairs in the semi-darkness. It is 6:10am. From the spare bedroom window I should be able to see across the […]

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Radio On

25 May 2014 // Radio On

Andy Childs rounds up his recent highlights from the airwaves and digital frequencies: It appears that Radio 3 has come in for some fairly impassioned criticism of late from some reactionary quarters. It has been variously accused of being obscurist, elitist, populist, unlistenable, directionless and generally muddled and erratic in its programming. And while all […]

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Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku

24 May 2014 // Books //Poetry

Edited by Allan Burns. Snapshot Press, 2013 Review by Rob St. John The haiku tradition underwent a transformation in early 1960s, evolving from its Japanese roots to become a meeting point for wider cultural changes and exchanges: a fertile mix of Zen Buddhism, alternative culture, the avant-garde and the green shoots of the modern environmental […]

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Drove Cottage

23 May 2014 // Drove Cottage

April Showers. Words and pictures by Malcolm Anderson. The sky is dark as week old tarmac as I reach the top of the Yew lined track above Winchester, the bustle of city life long forgotten behind me. The first rumble of thunder is faint, miles away across the dry chalk landscape but I’ve got a […]

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