Naming Names

25 June 2014 // Books

Two new projects (Landmarks and Landreader) are underway that aim to gather, celebrate and conserve the rich but threatened lexicon of place that has covered the British landscape with language as deep and as nourishing as any soil for thousands of years. Tim Dee is interested. Cornubian Batholith © Dominick Tyler 2013 Common names are […]

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Pint by the River – Brew by Numbers 03/03 Traditional Porter

24 June 2014 // Pint/Cake

By Ben McCormick Magnus Magnusson would not approve. And I can’t put my finger on quite why either, but I’ve started several articles for this irregular column this year, yet failed to finish any. Whether it’s down to lack of inspiration, innate laziness or a first-ever bout of the fabled writers’ block, I’ve typed enough […]

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Bardsey: Island Days

23 June 2014 // Bardsey

Photo: Ben Porter By Jon Gower: Dawn comes as a sliver of light, illuminating the horizon line, which switches from charcoal to quicksilver in a few minutes. The island slowly offers up the colours of its tapestry – sulphur threads of gorse, the crinkled rust of old bracken and pewter grey of ancient rock. The […]

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A Bite of The Camel

22 June 2014 // Miscellany //On Water

Mullet from the river. August 2013 mixed media on board 33x40cm Kurt Jackson has known the River Camel most of his life; a childhood in Delabole was spent visiting Polzeath, Rock, Daymer Bay; learning to swim, fish and sail on the river; then in his 20’s and 30’s he lived in Boscastle, North Cornwall – […]

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Into The Trees

21 June 2014 // Books //Trees

An interview with Robert Williams Words by Rob St. John Into the Trees is Robert Williams’s third book. It tells the story of four people drawn to a forest on the fringes of country and city in North West England who find their lives intertwining amongst the trees. Williams grew up in Clitheroe, a rural […]

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