News from Little Toller

26 October 2014 // Miscellany

Little Toller Books have just announced news of The TOLLEREVIEW, a seasonally published digital review paper which is available to download from their website right now. Inside this first issue you’ll find an interview with Tim Dee alongside news and extracts from some of their recent books. As with everything Little Toller do be sure […]

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Wave Caps

26 October 2014 // Poetry

A poem by Miguel Cullen The lamps cast amoebic, ultrasound complexions On the grey, when the bulbs filled with night rain The bus blew a long line of inflation along the tarpaulin. I’m so tense I lie embalmed in Perspex, Funnel-lip, stark-tongue sex doll I go back to the waves’ cross-hatch Acres of verdigris before […]

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In Search of the Holy Tail

25 October 2014 // Radio

Damon Albarn, Marc Riley and a basking shark. Photo: Ceri Levy BBC Radio 4, today, 10:30am. Listen now on the BBC iPlayer. Broadcaster Marc Riley, rock musician Damon Albarn and film maker Ceri Levy venture outside their usual comfort zone and travel to Mull in search of Sea Eagles and Basking Sharks. During their weekend […]

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Radio On

24 October 2014 // Radio On

Night Fishing. BBC R4, Sunday 2 November, 4:30pm. Now on the iPlayer. Cumbrian poet Tom Rawling fished for sea trout at night. His poems were admired by Seamus Heaney and Ted Hughes. Now Tom is almost totally forgotten. Night Fishing is a heightened experience captured in sound and poems read by Tom found on a […]

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Matt’s Bird of the Week – Jay

24 October 2014 // Matt's Bird of the Week

Jay (in an English Oak) (Garrulus glandarius) Words and picture: Matt Sewell One of the moustachioed Jay’s favourite foods, apart from woodland delicacies such as bugs and brambles, is the mighty acorn. He frantically collects them, hiding them all around his patch. Many are forgotten and eventually germinate and become the forest’s new saplings rather […]

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