The ‘shocking’ State of England’s Chalk-Streams 2014

30 November 2014 // On Water

Words and picture: Charles Rangeley-Wilson. Originally published on his blog on 26 November. Used with permission. Last night I was invited to speak at the launch of WWF’s new report: The State of England’s Chalk Streams 2014. The report reveals that over three-quarters of these iconic and globally unique rivers are failing to meet targets […]

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Winter’s Arrival

29 November 2014 // Miscellany

By Kev Parr. After three months of staring at my feet, autumn‘s end is bittersweet. There are still a few mushrooms about (and still some of the finest) but as November ends so the season fizzles away with it. Jars sit crammed full of dried ceps and chanterelles. Just a gentle swish of a cupboard […]

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Early Encounters

28 November 2014 // Miscellany

Bettws Brook flows towards Lambourne Way, Newport. Photo: Jaggery By Gavin Goodwin. Originally published in Wales Art Review 3.22: The Welsh Nature Issue. Used with permission. We are often encouraged to think of what is wild, what is Nature, as something other than, or outside of, the realm of urban or suburban experience. This makes […]

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Listening post

28 November 2014 // Music

A Caught by the River pick of the year. Duke recently joined our record label, Heavenly Recordings. We usually hold back from using this site as a platform for our music stuff but sometimes something is so good that we just can’t help ourselves.

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The top 10 books of rural Wales

27 November 2014 // Books

Image via The Hauntological Society. Cynan Jones in The Guardian today: I’ve chosen these books because they go some way towards delivering a more comprehensive picture of rural Wales than is often presented. They are jigsaw pieces in a map. Wales’s physical landscape changes dramatically region by region. The Beacons differ from Snowdonia differ from […]

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