Listening Post

31 January 2015 // Music

Jake isn’t just a rare bird, he’s the professor you always wished you had, the friend you never get tired of epic hangs with, the human jukebox, the guitar player and singer who makes any band that he’s in better. He’s a southern scholar and gentleman in the tradition of Jim Dickinson, George Mitchell, and […]

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An Evening of Barely Imagined Beings

31 January 2015 // Events

Caspar Henderson’s book – reviewed here by Roy Wilkinson in October 2012 – will come to life at The Last Tuesday Society as part of their Lecture Series. Details here.

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Caught by the River Thames

30 January 2015 // Events

Next Monday we’ll be gathering for a Caught by the River Social Club, which will see London and the River Thames at the heart of the evenings proceedings. Below is a clip of William Raban’s Thames (1986) – a film that meanders with the river, taking in the surroundings of the time and observing the […]

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Jeb’s Jukebox

29 January 2015 // Jeb's Jukebox

Collection Box Marjoe Gortner RCA 1973 This afternoon I walked up to the top gate to get the post. On the way I watched the sheep that live in the surrounding fields. Their thoughts, their desires, their needs, being a complete mystery to me. It’s for this fact, this impossibility of understanding them, that I […]

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Prize-winning author lost on Moor

28 January 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Richard Carter. When your instincts and your compass disagree, trust your instincts. I mean your compass. This could turn embarrassing. “The track’s getting quite narrow,” calls a Julian-Hoffman-shaped shadow out of the fog up ahead. “It’s turned into more like a sheep-track.” Yes, I’d noticed that too. This doesn’t make any […]

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