Vanished City: London’s Lost Neighbourhoods

27 January 2015 // Books

Tom Bolton; Vanished City: London’s Lost Neighbourhoods Strange Attractor, 272 pages, photographs by SF Said, paperback Review by Ian Rawes Large cities are as much imagined as experienced by their inhabitants. Memories of places and characters mix with what’s known of the present, like the unofficial hoardings with their layers of torn gig posters, themselves […]

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26 January 2015 // Antidotes

A roundup of what’s happily been diverting our attention at Caught by the River… Collage: Michelle Thompson John Andrews learns of Chris Yates‘ passion for classical music and sees the influence it has on Chris’ reading of the landscape in The Musical World of Chris Yates over at Waterfront.

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Castles in Concrete

25 January 2015 // Miscellany

From Ken Worpole: I was recently asked to contribute to a series of BBC Radio 3 talks on fortifications – buildings and landscapes – and these are to be broadcast next week, Mon 26 Jan to Friday 30 Jan at 22.45. The series is called The Fall and Rise of the British Castle. Castles in […]

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Fishing Thoughts

25 January 2015 // Books //On Water

From a forthcoming book by angling artist Rob Olsen.

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Caught by the Pilbara Part 2

24 January 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures by Peter Papathanasiou We pulled up at the pub. Jack ordered us beers and a late lunch. We ate out back in the beer garden, surrounded by large white men in alternating shades of fluorescent yellow and safety orange. Their clothes were rough, covered in salt stains and assorted mineral crud. Their […]

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