The Seahouse

24 February 2015 // Miscellany //On Water

Words and pictures by Tom Morton Sand bags are not bags of sand, not in this neck of the bog. They are bags of grit, bags of gravel, sacks of small stones. Sand, sharp sand, builder’s sand? That would wash away, like the beaches sometimes do, sucked in and spat out by the biggest tides, […]

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Jeb’s Jukebox

23 February 2015 // Jeb's Jukebox //Music

Who Were You Thinkin’ Of The Texas Tornados Reprise, 1990 Texas in the mid-70s was a strange place. Or perhaps I was a strange kid. Or maybe every teenager is strange. Maybe that’s a teenagers job, to be strange. And maybe that’s OK. Sometimes strangeness is the only thing that keeps you going. As a […]

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Chris Watson watch – The Cliff

22 February 2015 // Chris Watson Watch //Radio

Chris Watson and producer Sarah Blunt visit the island cliff of Great Skellig for BBC Radio 4. Listen on the iPlayer.

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Caught by the Florina Part 1

22 February 2015 // Miscellany

Words and picture by Peter Papathanasiou There’s a river that runs through the town where I was born, deep in a wooded valley in the mountains of northwestern Greece. It’s a town now but it was a village back then, some thirty years ago. I changed a lot in that time too, as you might […]

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Richard Mabey tribute to Oliver Rackham

21 February 2015 // Remembrance

A detail from the cover of Oliver Rackham’s History of the Countryside Richard Mabey pays tribute to the botanist and nature writer who died last week.

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