Jeb’s Jukebox

31 March 2015 // Jeb's Jukebox

Who The Montgomery Express Folkways, 1974 When the water stops appearing from the taps I trace the problem back to a faulty ball valve. The valve, after twenty years, is gunged up. The mud and muck upon which we stand having slowly, relentlessly, found its way here, inside, above my head, into the coppered workings. […]

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Now playing

30 March 2015 // Music

Cat’s Eyes, The Duke of Burgundy o.s.t

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Original Rockers

30 March 2015 // Books //Music

Original Rockers By Richard King Faber & Faber, hardback 356 pages, April 2, 2015 Review by Ben Myers Nostalgia, so the saying goes, is not what is used to be. Though judging by the growing cultural fondness for all things pre-digital nostalgia is in fine fettle. And isn’t it a natural human conceit anyway to […]

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29 March 2015 // Antidotes

A sprinkling of things we’ve savoured of late at Caught by the River… Illustration by Jillian Tamaki A fine piece with Richard Price, talking books and how he came to be a writer: “As a child I would compulsively read anything and everything — the ad copy on a Gleem toothpaste carton, a restaurant menu […]

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Uncommon Ground: Dominick Tyler

28 March 2015 // Books //Photography

Uncommon Ground; A word-lovers guide to the British landscape by Dominick Tyler Guardian Faber, paperback, 256 pages. Out now. Review by Sue Brooks. This book is the product of a year long expedition to photograph and name specific landforms. Expedition is not too strong a word for endless hours driving a camper van from Cornwall […]

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