Field Notes from the Edge: Journeys through Britain’s Secret Wilderness

27 July 2015 // Books

Field Notes from the Edge: Journeys through Britain’s Secret Wilderness, by Paul Evans Ebury Press, hardback, 272 pages. Out now Book review by Neil Sentance For the past month we’ve been left in charge of my mother-in-law’s young dog, a lively whippet-poodle cross, while she has been back in the States at her college reunion. […]

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Field Notes

26 July 2015 // Field Notes

Maxim Griffin. Field Notes archive.

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Making Ends Meet

25 July 2015 // Poetry

Making Ends Meet a poem by Andrew McNeillie Since you ask, I think of a door into the light, Light enough to make me blink and rub The sleep from my eyes. Limestone light Backlit by sea. Light like a shadow Falling outside-in, on a stone floor. And a kettle rattling to life loud as […]

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The Green Cathedral

24 July 2015 // Landscape //Poetry

This piece was originally posted on The Dark Mountain Project blog. Thanks to Ben Myers for allowing us to repost. The Green Cathedral is a place, a series of places, a philosophy, a feeling, a mind-set, a movement, a lack of movement, a meditation. Many meditations. It is walking and running, sitting and seeing. It […]

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Caught by the River Coquet

23 July 2015 // Books //On Water

Illustration: John Richardson at Two Terriers Press Ahead of his appearance on our stage at Port Eliot next week Chris Watson takes a stroll along the River Coquet. A gloomy wall of Sitka spruce trees almost block my passage trying to follow the burn into the evergreen darkness, but I know my way. Within a […]

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