Pint by the River: lager lager lager…

31 August 2015 // Food and Drink //Pint/Cake

Words and pictures: Roger Clapham Almost twenty years ago, the British public did something they do less frequently these days, and took something resolutely outside the mainstream to their hearts. That something was Underworld’s Born Slippy single (or Born Slippy .NUXX to be precise) which reached a staggering number 2 in the top 40 in […]

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Seaside Snaps

30 August 2015 // Photography

Words and pictures: Travis Elborough Etymologically speaking, our word ‘pier’ comes from the French ‘pile’, in Latin ‘pila’, for a ‘stone barrier’ and hence ‘pillar’. But the homonym ‘peer’ meaning both to look (‘to peer out’) and an aristocrat (‘a peer of the realm’) neatly ties together the two early motors of the seaside resort: […]

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The Beechwood Airship Interviews – An Extract

29 August 2015 // Books

Words and pictures: Dan Richards Cally Callomon (1956– ) spends a certain amount of time within the music industry in order to earn enough money to ride, restore and research ancient bicycles. Having started out as a musician, he went on to work in A&R and was Creative Director at Island Records throughout the 1990s, […]

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Now Playing

28 August 2015 // Music

Deep breath… As a trailer for Unloved, the Guilty Of Love EP is a breathlessly evocative roll of the title sequence, a glimpse behind the cinema curtain, a run through the rushes of their musical ‘film noire’. Released on October 16th on Unloved Records, the EP precedes the full Unloved album due in the new […]

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Pleasures of…August

28 August 2015 // Pleasures

Richard Carter, co-founder of The Friends of Charles Darwin describes August on the moors and marshlands of the North of England: August begins, as these things tend to, on the first of the month: Yorkshire Day—the anniversary of the occasion on which God, in His infinite wisdom, said, “Let there be Yorkshire!” thereby creating His […]

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