Okeanos World Premiere

26 October 2015 // Events //Field Recording

On Monday 14 December, The London Contemporary Music Festival will present the world premiere of a monumental new work by Chris Watson. Drawing on extensive underwater recordings gathered by the artist from oceans around the world, Okeanos, a multi-channel sound installation that will play in complete darkness, celebrates the songs, rhythms and music of the […]

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Pomona Island

26 October 2015 // Landscape //On Water

Words and pictures: Hayley Flynn I am on an island amongst only wilderness and ghosts; bricks and concrete. Waterways on two sides of the island run parallel to each other – the River Irwell to the North and the Bridgewater Canal in the South. Running through the island is the great brick spine of the […]

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Unencompassing the Archipelago

25 October 2015 // Books //Events

Archipelago Number 10 arrived in the post last week and, as always, it’s a pure delight. Enlightening, illuminating and hugely entertaining. An labour of love. If you aren’t aware of the magazine you will most certainly know the contributors and we can guarantee, if you connect with what we do on this site, you’ll definitely […]

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Now Playing

24 October 2015 // Music

Doug Hream Blunt

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A Week of Field Recording in Iceland

23 October 2015 // Field Recording //Landscape //Photography

Words and pictures: Richard Youell I’ve always loved the great outdoors and until recently my interest in landscape photography has provided ample excuses to visit new places, climb new mountains, explore coastlines and to be in the very best places to watch the sun rise and set. That is, until an ‘epiphany moment’ that I […]

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