Pete Fowler’s Decades of Lead

31 January 2016 // Art //Books

We’re very excited to share the news that our good pal Pete Fowler is raising funds for his first book. Featuring hairy synth players, mythical galleons, battered sneakers and bizarre monsters, Decades of Lead will collate the best of Pete’s sketchbooks from the past 25 years. The book is currently being funded over at Unbound, […]

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Afon Sewered

31 January 2016 // Fishing

Words and pictures: Matt Morden My mother’s family were Gwent valleys mongrel stock, a mix of Somerset miners, Gloucestershire quarrymen, Herefordshire farm labourers and Carmarthenshire drovers. The industrial revolution saw them gather and settle in Blaenafon, Pontnewenydd, Garndiffaith and Cwmafon, the headwater mining villages of the Afon Llwyd (grey river) that flows thirteen miles down […]

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January Gales in Orkney

30 January 2016 // On Nature

Eastside surf. Photo: Sarah Sankey Words: Steve Sankey. For weeks now the islands have been lashed by southerly gales, sometimes with a touch of easterly, or conversely with a touch of westerly. No matter, the sandstone cliffs of the archipelago take their punishment anyway, along with we locals and any hardy livestock still outside. There […]

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BE•ONE : The Hive at Kew Gardens

29 January 2016 // Music

This summer, artist Wolfgang Buttress brings the centrepiece of his 2015 Milan Expo pavilion to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The installation – The Hive – was the UK’s award-winning entry at the expo. It takes up its new home within Kew Gardens from June 2016. The installation was the inspiration for and the original […]

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Visions of Change: The Evolution of the British Documentary

28 January 2016 // Film/TV

Visions of Change: The Evolution of the British Documentary, Volume 1 BBC 1951 – 1967, DVD 2-disc set, BFI, Review by Ken Worpole The television arts documentary is one of the most successful of all TV genres. This collection of eleven early BBC documentaries starts appropriately with a half-hour profile of sculptor Henry Moore, broadcast […]

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