Shadows & Reflections

27 January 2016 // Shadows & Reflections

Shadows and Reflections: the annual collection of postings where Caught by the River’s contributors and friends take a look back on the events that have shaped the past twelve months. Today it’s the turn of Mathew Clayton. (Apologies to Mathew for this slipping through the net.) She Looks Right Through Me* ‘What are you up […]

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Orison for a Curlew by Horatio Clare

26 January 2016 // Birds //Books

Orison for a Curlew by Horatio Clare Little Toller, hardback, 104 pages. Out now. Review by Sue Brooks In a previous book (A Single Swallow, 2009) Horatio Clare described himself as a romantic…by which I meant that I believed in the powers of life, beauty and art to bring miracles out of everyday existence. He […]

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Thankful Villages #6

25 January 2016 // Thankful Villages

Little Sodbury, South Gloucestershire – Thankful Village #06 from Darren Hayman on Vimeo. The sixth instalment of Darren Hayman’s Thankful Villages project It was blowing up a storm as I entered Little Sodbury. It’s very hard to record in wind that strong. I recorded the wind in any case. The wind made a distorted sound […]

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The Sacred Combe by Simon Barnes

24 January 2016 // Books

The Sacred Combe: A Search for Humanity’s Heartland by Simon Barnes Bloomsbury, hardback, 240 pages. Out now. Review by Ceri Levy What is a combe? Well, it’s a valley, possibly a magical valley and most likely unknown to many. It could be an actual location hidden within the world but it could be somewhere we […]

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Tubby Hayes – A Man in a Hurry

23 January 2016 // Film/TV //Music

Tubby Hayes – A Man in a Hurry A Mono Media Film, DVD, 55 mins, produced by Mark Baxter & Sam Pattinson, Directed by Lee Cogswell Review by Ken Worpole. Tubby Hayes was one of the great British modern jazz instrumentalists of the post-war era, whose rise to international fame was, alas, as rapid as […]

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