Nature Book Reader Update

30 April 2016 // Nature Book Reader

The lovely little compilation of reading recommendations we refer to as the Nature Book Reader has just been updated. We’ve added new entries from Laura Cannell, Kate Feld, Nick Morgan, Kevin Parr and Anna Wood. Read Anna’s contribution below for a taste of what the Nature Book Reader has to offer. One of my favourite […]

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Caught by the Reaper – Jock Scot

29 April 2016 // Remembrance

Roy Wilkinson bids farewell to friend and collaborator Jock Scot. Last Sunday saw the funeral of Jock Scot – rock poet, inspiration and graceful consumer of the backstage rider bounty. Jock appeared at Caught by the River events – notably at Port Eliot in 2011, equipped with kilt and sporran-full of fun. In 2015 Heavenly Recordings […]

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Two Novels by Jeb Loy Nichols

28 April 2016 // Books //Music

In addition to the above, allow us to take this opportunity to remind you of the existence of our new mixtape, compiled of the Jeb’s Jukebox archive. The first of many of these mixes is currently streaming over on our Mixcloud page. Jeb on Caught by the River

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Imarhan: Album Review

28 April 2016 // Music

Imarhan’s self-titled debut album is out tomorrow via City Slang. Emma Warren reviews. Imarhan’s debut album is packed with what you might describe as slow-burn Saharan space jams. The Algerian six piece are amped and energetic live, all jeans and t-shirts and tousled curls, but the performance and production of this record is the restrained […]

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Newsletter Competition – Wild Swimming Walks

27 April 2016 // Competition

Our newsletter competition prize this week is the beautiful Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon. With cover art by none other than James Lewis (the talented chap behind our Words On Water cover and Caught by the River Thames artwork), passionate wild swimmers Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury share their favourite places to walk […]

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