How to Read Water: an extract

27 April 2016 // Books //On Water

An extract from Chapter 5 of How to Read Water, published by Sceptre and out now. Available here in the Caught by the River shop, priced at £15.00. Words: Tristan Gooley ‘Are you OK?’ the short parking attendant asked from above her machine, which was more kindness than this species had shown to me in […]

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Caught by the River at Port Eliot Festival 2016

26 April 2016 // Port Eliot Festival

Port Eliot Festival, St. Germans, Cornwall Thursday 28 – Sunday 31 July, 2016 With the rhubarb thrusting upward and the willow warbler singing strong while hoping to get his end away, it’s time to contemplate the Caught by the River stage’s return to Port Eliot festival – those grin-inducing Cornish vistas that make for one […]

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Love Madness Fishing: an extract

25 April 2016 // Books //Fishing

Photo source: Fallon’s Angler A second extract from Love Madness Fishing, the Caught by the River Book of the Month for April. Published by Little Toller / Caught by the River and available in the Caught by the River shop here, priced at £15.00. Words: Dexter Petley At nineteen you take the easy road to […]

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The Peculiar People at Focal Point Gallery

24 April 2016 // Art //Landscape

A newly opened exhibition at Southend’s Focal Point Gallery reveals Essex as a place of imagined utopias. Forming part of the year-long Radical Essex project, ‘The Peculiar People’ is an exhibition and event series which traces the history of ideological and social-political communal living experiments throughout the 20th Century to the present day. These include […]

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Magnetic Reconnection

23 April 2016 // Film/TV

Magnetic Reconnection: A film by Kyle Armstrong Review by Lara C Cory Magnetic Reconnection is a film by Canadian film maker Kyle Armstrong in collaboration with Dr Trond S. Trondsen, known for developing cutting edge auroral imaging systems. Magnetic Reconnection features a narrative by Will Oldham and a score written by Jim O’Rourke. Considered to […]

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