Port Eliot 2016 – An Update

27 July 2016 // Port Eliot Festival

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, Alexandra Harris will no longer be able to make it to Port Eliot this year. Tim Dee, reviewer of Alexandra’s wonderful book Weatherland – who was due to talk to her on the Caught by the River stage – will instead appear with friend and fellow BBC man Paul Dodgson. […]

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China Girl in Reykjavik

27 July 2016 // Travel

Words and pictures: Dan Richards China Girl in Reykjavik. I heard it all over the city. On the coach to Landeyjahöfn, in the bar at Kex, on the way down Laugavegur, escaping from a corrugated record shop, chiming crisp and Chic. I heard it in bookshops, in top-end knitwear boutiques…its omnipresence was weird but not […]

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Caught by the River Thames: Daily Schedules

26 July 2016 // Events

The daily schedules for Caught by the River Thames are now out and can be found here.

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Notes From Epping Forest: July

26 July 2016 // Notes From Epping Forest

Words and pictures: Luke Turner A hallucination is a half truth, an uncanny blooming in a mind off-kilter. I was left perplexed by my May walk in Epping Forest, when the gathering twilight under the trees had triggered a vision of an abject figure to the side of a path. Who was he? I half […]

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A Walk in the Park: An Extract

25 July 2016 // Books

From A Walk in the Park: The Life and Times of a People’s Institution, out now. Words: Travis Elborough The Swiss author Robert Walser once argued that it always feels like a Sunday in a park. Like Sundays, parks certainly occupy a unique temporal zone. For their visitors at least, they seem at one remove […]

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