The Next Station: London Underground sound map now live

31 August 2016 // Field Recording

Collaborative Cities & Memory/London Sound Survey project The Next Station is now live. This interactive sound map documents the day-to-day sounds of the London Underground, as well as remixing and reimagining each one. Almost 100 sound designers, musicians and sound artists have contributed to the project. In addition to plenty of London residents reimagining sounds […]

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Sue Brooks’ Radio Recommendations

31 August 2016 // Radio

Hi Jeff…..I must tell you this before it loses its urgency. I’ve just listened to the 5 episodes of The River, back to back on iPlayer. They’re all marvellous, but Paul Evans is OUTSTANDING. I had such a good feeling about it – it must have been the title and what I know he can […]

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Notes From Epping Forest: August

30 August 2016 // Notes From Epping Forest

Words and pictures: Luke Turner Sex in Epping Forest is less private than love. London is a city of eight-and-a-half million desires where the old secret places have been cleaned up and redeveloped away. Now, the forest trees give cover for salacious pursuits – the cocks that pop like corks from the startled mouths of […]

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The Fisherman’s Smock

29 August 2016 // Fishing //Magazines

This article originally appeared in Issue 5 of Ernest Journal. Many thanks to Jo Keeling for allowing us to reprint. * Beloved of artists, crafters and seafarers alike, the smock is as useful today as it has ever been. But how did a simple, hardy overall become an icon of coastal life? Stereoscopic photo: Peter […]

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Stranger on the Shore – Hounds of Whitby

28 August 2016 // Film/TV

Stranger on the Shore is a new cycle of video-poems by Michael Smith and Maxy Neil Bianco, looking at the bohemian eccentricity of Hastings, the dockside desolation of the Thames Estuary, and the spooky enchantment of Whitby. The films feature an original soundtrack by Andrew Weatherall & Nina Walsh. In the run up to the […]

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