Caught by the River’s 12 Days of Christmas

30 November 2016 // Shop

From tomorrow through to the 12th of December, we will be running a series of special offers in the shop. As well as flash sales, we will have specially-put-together bundles available – containing books, records and other lovely bits and bobs. They’re limited in number, so nab ’em while you can. Each offer will last […]

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Jeb’s Jukebox

30 November 2016 // Jeb's Jukebox

Stream Of Life Roland Alphonso Pyramid 1968? Cold this morning. The first really cold morning of the year. Grey and without edges; mist softened and damp. As I walk outside pheasants greet me, hoping for bird seed. Squirrels, intent on some private business, disappear. The trees are completely bare now, dark sticks against the grey. […]

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Sands, sounds and bearings: Maps with no land

29 November 2016 // Islands //Miscellany

Sands, sounds and bearings: Maps with no land Maps are not ways of escaping. Things were always going to turn out like this. By Jennifer Lucy Allan From a pile of unorganised papers in a box I recently unearthed a map. A metre high, and over a metre across, it was printed in 1964 for […]

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Arboreal: A Collection of New Woodland Writing

28 November 2016 // Books //Trees

Arboreal: A Collection of New Woodland Writing, edited by Adrian Cooper, is our Book of the Month for November. (Little Toller, hardback, 326 pages. Out now) Review by Emma Warren Some things are easier to see when you look away. The most interesting pieces in this prodigious collection, then, take a sideways perspective on trees, […]

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Hy Brasil

27 November 2016 // Books //Islands

An extract from The Un-Discovered Islands by Malachy Tallack (Birlinn, hardback, 152 pages. Out now.) In the second of two extracts from his new book, The Un-Discovered Islands, Malachy Tallack tries to unpick some of the myths that still surround one of the most famous phantom islands: The story of Hy Brasil demonstrates a problem […]

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