Outlandish Rites in Arcadia – an unreliable account

27 November 2016 // Music

Memory Band founder-member Stephen Cracknell visits the landscape which provided the inspiration for their new LP, A Fair Field: A train to Salisbury, then off into the countryside on a bicycle. ‘The Romans, indeed, habitually travelled from Old Sarum to Dorchester via the vale of Chalk. But no modern traveller, save, perhaps, a stray commercial […]

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Caught by the River Avon 2016 (in Retrospect)

26 November 2016 // Events

We really like Bristol. And we really like lots of people who live in Bristol. And that makes it a pretty good place for us to hold an event. Last Friday, we did just that, staging the second annual Caught by the River Avon at Centrespace Gallery, BS1. (Yes, we know it’s closer to the […]

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BE: One Plus

25 November 2016 // Music //Rivertones

One of our real highlights of the year has been our involvement with BE and One and The Hive. From the record release, to the live shows, to the opening of The Hive at Kew’s Royal Botanical Gardens, the whole thing has been an inspiration. As the year draws to a close and the critics […]

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Edge Walking #4: Old Hall and Tollesbury Marshes

24 November 2016 // Edge Walking //Walking

Words and images by Tom Bolton The autumn equinox had brought a delayed shift, a collective groping towards normality after a summer of ominous political change. Jeremy Corbyn had been re-elected as Labour leader that day with an increased majority, leaving 300,000 people feeling very optimistic. The rest seemed less sure. The route east, which […]

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Over The Border

23 November 2016 // Over The Border

The return to these pages of the sorely missed Jude Rogers: From the back windows, England rears up on its hind legs and bucks. She arches her back, her frame curving and rolling, pale green, dark green and yellow, spinning out like a colour dial. From the front windows, Wales glowers. Mood, as always: attractively […]

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