Ugh Just Drums

31 January 2017 // Music //Remembrance

Cally Callomon pays tribute to Jaki Liebezeit, founding member of Can who died last week aged 78: Moments in time: the day the music was born and died, both flanked by two large newspaper entries. One a full paged advert in the Melody Maker, a single photo of a tiny band playing in front of […]

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The Naked Shore of the North Sea

31 January 2017 // Books //On Water

The Naked Shore of the North Sea by Tom Blass (Bloomsbury, paperback, 320 pages. Out now.) Review by Mathew Clayton “I set out to write a book about this sea, too often snubbed by writers, derided for its moody lugubriousness, its inclination towards inclemency, damp chilly sands and a decidedly utilitarian aspect when glanced at […]

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Pleasures of…January

30 January 2017 // Pleasures

Author of ‘The Long, Long Life of Trees’ Fiona Stafford spends the first month of the year looking out for lapwings When 1st January 2017 finally dawned, it was grey and damp and raw – a day drained of colour and more suited to nursing delicate heads than setting out with New Year resolution. Outside, […]

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In The Dark x The Grant Museum of Zoology

29 January 2017 // Events //Field Recording

Words and pictures: Diva Harris Even if, like me, you’re someone who likes taxidermy, finding yourself in a room stuffed wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with long-deceased members of the animal kingdom can take some acclimatisation; not least if said room is steeped in darkness. Last Tuesday, watched by the varnished turtles, jars of iridescent sea mice […]

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The Music Book Reader Bulletin

28 January 2017 // Music Book Reader - Bulletin

Andy Childs is back with another round-up of music book recommendations: 2016 was a demanding year for the conscientious music book reader. It seems that the despairingly high number of musicians and artists who passed away was almost matched by the number of music-related books that hit the shelves. And as if to emphasise the […]

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