Notes From Epping Forest: January

28 February 2017 // Notes From Epping Forest

Words and pictures: Luke Turner The snow fell as it ever does in the city, alive for those few seconds of white static against red buses, dirty roofs, bricks and windows darkened against a gloomy morning. Into the dormant and dull green municipal grass, against pavement and on the warm tops of cars, the perfect […]

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Robert Macfarlane joins Twitter…

27 February 2017 // Miscellany

Jeff – I’ve only done gone and joined Twitter, after years of holding out. I know that ‘Man Makes First Step Into Social Media’ is hardly a news item, but if you felt like blarping the klaxon on the Caught by the River feed in some way to let your folk know I’m out there, […]

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Over The Border #3

27 February 2017 // Over The Border

Photo: Daniel Fordham Words: Jude Rogers Spring is coming. You can even see it now at five in the evening, which has suddenly become five in the afternoon, until so recently the beginning of an hour of navy-blue, soupy darkness. Today a storm has been smashing her way around the Monnow valley, racing leaden clouds […]

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First: a poem by Alison Brackenbury

26 February 2017 // Poetry

Prehistory is mainly guess. How else to start the small machines of happiness? After the age of ice, trees could creep back. Grove heart, oak, ash, tall lime made the first wood, soon felled for farming, feuds and blood. What whispers through our deepest shade? Wildwood. Wildwood. Recent research suggests that most of Britain’s ancient […]

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The Way Of The Hare – an unreliable account

25 February 2017 // Landscape //Music

Memory Band founder-member Stephen Cracknell visits the landscape which provided the inspiration for their latest LP, A Fair Field: It took me a while to get out of Norwich. Needing a map, I had to climb the hill to a bookshop from the train station, slipping through the early lunchtime crowds. Then, confused by road […]

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