Jeb’s Jukebox

24 February 2017 // Jeb's Jukebox

Country Disco Lee Shot Williams Roots 1978 Sometimes you love a record before you’ve heard it. It’s waiting for you, it’s fate, there’s no way around it. How could I not love this record? It was made for me. If it hadn’t of existed, I’d have had to invent it. It’s got a little bit […]

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Pleasures of…February

23 February 2017 // Pleasures

Poet Sophie McKeand on dreaming and birdsong between Wales and India It’s late February and I’m absorbed by the bright-berried Cotoneaster Cornubia tree/bush outside our home-office window shivering in the Welsh winter grey under the weight of rummaging house-sparrows. Watching them transports me back to the previous week and a sharp memory of being hustled […]

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Event roundup

22 February 2017 // Events

Here follows a little roundup of some events we like the look of: First off, here’s a shameless plug for a happening of our own, taking place next Monday, 27 February, at London’s iconic Horse Hospital. There’ll be poetry, film and…music made in an abandoned French nuclear power station. Tickets are £10 in advance and […]

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Caught by the River & Friendly Records present…

21 February 2017 // Events //Music

Letterpress poster: Nick Hand Followers of the site will be well aware of our longstanding love affair with Bristol’s Centrespace Gallery. It’s a nice space to put on gigs, and Nick Hand, the man at the helm, is rather nice too. Niceness all around. Even nicer: we’re teaming up with one of our favourite record […]

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Edge Walking #7: The North Blackwater

20 February 2017 // Edge Walking

Words and images by Tom Bolton We had returned to Maldon only a couple of weeks after our previous visit, keen to explore the low-lying north bank land, apparently empty of any significant habitation, that we had observed on the horizon as we walked along the south bank of the Blackwater Estuary. Maldon lay at […]

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