Afterwards: a poem by Will Burns

31 March 2017 // Poetry

My mother’s last days were the end of a winter that had become only rolling blackout into blackout— a time I had no hold on. All news held a kind of dread but ours, when it came, felt like coming to. A dimness in an old room, a sense of certain things in absence. Two […]

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On Aston’s Eyot

30 March 2017 // Miscellany

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison I typed ‘[ENDS]’ on the last page of a manuscript this week, and then went out and bought myself a glass of prosecco. Unfortunately, typing ‘[ENDS]’ isn’t quite the same thing as finishing writing a novel, but it’s a milestone nonetheless. I reached it in Oxford, at the home of […]

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Andrews of Arcadia and the Lost Tackle Shop

29 March 2017 // Fishing //Magazines

Photo: Nick Fallowfield-Cooper News reached us this afternoon that John Andrews – our frequent contributor, MC, and friend – is currently selling items cleared from F. Clover & Son, a lost tackle shop in a back street of North London which has remained locked for over twenty years. Photographs of the shop, alongside a short […]

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The River Ure

29 March 2017 // The River Ure

‘Winter Willows, Norton Conyers’, oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm Words and picture by David Stead As the river Ure loosens its tie, relaxes and spreads itself out a bit after a headlong race through the Dales, countless streams, becks, or brooks join its leisurely march towards the sea. The short drive (or cycle on […]

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Pleasures of…March

28 March 2017 // Pleasures

In her first piece for Caught by the River, Nell Frizzell looks back on the London-to-Cornwall overnight train journey she undertook earlier this month I’m not Philip Larkin, but I know a good train journey when I slide into one. There’s something near-supernatural about going to bed, tucked up into a top bunk of an […]

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