Call For Submissions: Corbel Stone Press Contemporary Poetry Series

27 March 2017 // Poetry

In 2017, Corbel Stone Press began publishing a series of small, limited edition pamphlets that explore our relationship with the natural world. They are seeking the finest contemporary nature poetry that specifically engages with the themes of language, myth, the sacred, sentience, death, and regeneration. So far they have published two of the booklets, featuring […]

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Jeb’s Jukebox

27 March 2017 // Jeb's Jukebox

I Like The Sun Cesspool Baker Mexican Flower Records I‘ve spent a lot of my life hanging out in record shops. I’ve worked in a fair number as well. Record shops, in some unlanguaged way, have told me who I was. Told me who I wanted to be. I never made much money doing it […]

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Interview with Jez riley French | Height of the Reeds

26 March 2017 // Events //Field Recording

Neil Mudd chats to field recordist Jez riley French about capturing the ‘music’ of the Humber Bridge for ‘Height of the Reeds’, his Hull UK City of Culture 2017 collaboration with Opera North ‘Noises must become music,’ wrote Robert Bresson in Notes on Cinematography, with a characteristic exactness that might just as readily be used […]

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Andrew Wasylyk: Drift

25 March 2017 // Music

Dear Caught by the River, Recently, I recorded a short 8-track instrumental album under my ‘Andrew Wasylyk’ alias (Ukrainian grandfather) called Themes For Buildings & Spaces, which ranges from cinematic to minimal piano and drone. It did a two week stint at an arts festival in Scotland at the end of 2016:

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In Search of the Glanville Fritillary

24 March 2017 // On Nature

Sue Brooks delves into the history of butterfly collecting, and goes in search of an increasingly rare species February 2nd and I’m following Geoff Martin down twisting staircases and narrow corridors in the bowels of the Natural History Museum. Another chapter in a fascination with one particular butterfly – the Glanville Fritillary – which started […]

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