A map of the London National Park City

31 October 2017 // Walking

A couple of weeks ago, we received our copy of the Greater London National Park City Initiative’s beautiful map, and we can’t help but evangelise. Crowdfunded by 308 backers and produced by Urban Good CIC, the massive fold-out map includes all of the capital’s 3,000 parks plus woodlands, playing fields, nature reserves, city farms, rivers, […]

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Animal Machine

31 October 2017 // Music

Robin Turner reviews The Animal Spirits, the latest offering from James Holden and his newly expanded band: James Holden, © Laura Lewis * I think I could turn and live with animals… they do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins… not one of them kneels to another or to his […]

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Sue Brooks’ Radio Recommendations

30 October 2017 // Radio

This morning, some radio recommendations from Sue Brooks landed in our inbox. She says: ‘On the radio this week…the incomparable Paul Evans on Tweet of the Day, and he couldn’t have made a better seasonal choice – Crow, Barn Owl, Merlin and Raven. I think Raven might be the one to raise every hair on […]

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A Caught by the River & Faber Social Christmas Party

30 October 2017 // Events

This December, Caught by the River and Faber Social host a very special joint Christmas party. We’re joining forces with the country’s very best publisher and taking over our mutual regular haunt, The Social, on the evening of Wednesday 13th December. Over the course of the night, we will pull together a kind of greatest […]

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The Bittern: a poem by Marc Woodward

29 October 2017 // Poetry

The cows stand dying in the field sharp hip and shoulder blades revealed. Who knows from where their sickness comes? The Drekavac; the Mire-Drum. Booming from the lonely reed bed this ghost of the unbaptised dead looks up toward the rising sun: The Drekavac; the Mire-Drum. Some say he drops his dreadful beak into the marsh before he […]

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