Competition Results

30 November 2017 // Competition

Here are the results of our latest newsletter competition: Last week, we had three copies of Horatio Clare’s Icebreaker, newly released by Chatto & Windus, to give away. We asked: Belonging to Finland’s Pellinki archipelago, what is the name of the island frequented by author, artist and Moomin creator Tove Jansson, which went on to […]

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David Attenborough & Chris Watson in Conversation

30 November 2017 // Field Recording

CBTR HQ’s Diva Harris reports back from a very special evening at the British Library I’m pretty sure I don’t know a single person who doesn’t love David Attenborough. At a time when my fellow millenials and I have rather a lot to lament — the expense of higher education and housing; the press bizarrely […]

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Scraps of Wool

29 November 2017 // Books

An extract from Scraps of Wool: A Journey Through the Golden Age of Travel Writing by Bill Colegrave, published by Unbound. JON SWAIN River of Time (1996) Having had a brief flirtation with the French Foreign Legion, Jon Swain (b. 1948) was working in Paris for the English desk of Agence France Presse when he […]

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Jeb’s Jukebox

28 November 2017 // Jeb's Jukebox

Tony Rice and Norman Blake New River Train Rounder Records It’s too cold to do this. Too cold to do anything. The first cold day of the year always comes as a surprise. How the hell has this happened? I’m never prepared. I gaze out at the whited weeds and am mystified. Where has all […]

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Dan of the Don: a poem by Pete Green

27 November 2017 // Poetry

skitters the shallows where the Sheaf interlopes, waterboatman-sculptor summoning splayed relic stacks amid spate. Dan’s materials parody permanence, approximate props from the lapsed pomp of manufacture and shipment. The half-built and derelict timeshare Dan’s habitat, tributaries into the current moment. Dan’s finished product is our purblind straining astride the meanders for meaning, tracking an implicit […]

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