A Green & Pleasant Land

26 November 2017 // Art

Michael Smith heads to Eastbourne’s Towner Art Gallery to suss out A Green and Pleasant Land – the exhibition centring on the artists who have shaped our understanding of the British landscape since the 1970s Rickety, forlorn looking cottages glided by the train window, peppering the sunken marshland by the sea; out of the other […]

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Raising the Hare

25 November 2017 // Film/TV

A film by Bevis Bowden. Bevis writes: I thought I could almost see myself in the hare’s eye, it was that close. Featuring two Welsh voices of the landscape: the musician John Cale, who reads Seamus Heaney’s translation of The Names of the Hare, and the artist Paul Emmanuel, who describes an encounter he had […]

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Woodnotes: Frost, a Bass Violin, and Falling Out With the Sea

24 November 2017 // Landscape //Music

After a short break, Laura Cannell returns with a third instalment of her monthly column on music, landscape, and adventuring… I’ve had some trouble with writing lately, but today I feel normal again. I moved house exactly 4 months ago. We left the seaside and headed back to the countryside, to a hobbit house only […]

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Competition Results

23 November 2017 // Competition

Here are the results of our latest newsletter competition: Last week, we had one copy of The Messenger to give away on DVD, along with a bag of Bird & Wild coffee. We asked: Observed by Paul Griffiths as ‘a more conscientious ornithologist than any previous composer, and a more musical observer of birdsong than […]

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23 November 2017 // Books

Icebreaker: A Voyage Far North by Horatio Clare (Chatto & Windus, hardback, 224 pages. Out now) Report by Roy Wilkinson No man is an island, but it seems a lot of people would like to be an Icelander. Or, at least, an icelander. All-you-can-eat cruises to Svalbard and South Georgia abound in this era. Such […]

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