Every Wounded Soul: a poem by Nick Power

9 December 2017 // Poetry

Every wounded soul all the pulled-apart nerves and knotted guts hearts that are heavy as a hundred-ton feelings that coalesce in some boiler-room immersion tank of the spirit

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The Clanking Halliards

9 December 2017 // Miscellany

Cally Callomon sails the Norfolk Broads on a pleasantly outdated craft “There’s someone you really must meet,” said my chum Don “over dinner tomorrow night, you’ll get on so well”. Sure enough I did meet the fellow and he was wearing the exact same Old Town suit as I was. Old Town was, back then, […]

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The Caught by the River Album of the Month: December

8 December 2017 // Music

In a break with tradition, for December only, we’ve opted to substitute our usual Book of the Month for an Album of the Month – Dan Michaelson’s First Light, out today via The state51 Conspiracy. Will Burns reviews. I was watching Emmylou Harris once when between songs, after playing one of her and Gram Parsons’ […]

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Shadows & Reflections: Mat Bingham

7 December 2017 // Shadows & Reflections

As the year draws to a close, we ask our friends and collaborators to look back on the past twelve months and share their significant moments. From Mat Bingham: I look out of the window. The colours are washed out a subtle palette of browns and yellows, and the wind tries to shake the trees […]

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Made in Bristol

6 December 2017 // Music //Walking

Clare Wadd returns to the Bristol Streets which shaped her and her record label in the 1980s I’m back in Bristol in the early autumn, the time of year I moved here as a student thirty one years ago. I’ve lived in London twice as long and grew up in Yorkshire, but Bristol is the […]

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