Shadows & Reflections: Cally Callomon

28 December 2016 // Shadows & Reflections

…In which, as the year comes to its end, our friends and collaborators look back on the past twelve months and share their moments; This year, a recent project caused me to reconsider those pivotal pieces of music – after the hearing of which – all else sounded different. I usually write the buggers down, […]

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Competition Results/The Unthanks ‘How Wild The Wind Blows’ Premiere

15 June 2017 // Competition

On last week’s newsletter, we had three copies of Diversions Vol.4 – The Songs And Poems Of Molly Drake, the new album from The Unthanks, to give away. Watch an exclusive premiere of new single ‘How Wild The Wind Blows’ below: We asked: Which of our beloved Caught by the River contributors is also the […]

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In Pursuit of In Pursuit of Spring

2 May 2017 // Books //Cycling

Or ‘These roads were not built for bicycles’ A recycled commentary by Cally Callomon With extracts from the poem ‘Roads’ by Edward Thomas. The hill road wet with rain In the sun would not gleam Like a winding stream If we trod it not again. Having smugly voiced my disappointment at a recent new edition […]

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It Never Rains…

19 February 2017 // Music

English Weather, compiled by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs. Out now via Ace Records. A double album, reviewed by Cally Callomon Labelling the disparate late ‘70s DIY hooligan spasm as ‘Punk’ was an easy catechism for our nation’s press, but they would have stumbled when it came to the collection found here on English Weather. […]

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Ugh Just Drums

31 January 2017 // Music //Remembrance

Cally Callomon pays tribute to Jaki Liebezeit, founding member of Can who died last week aged 78: Moments in time: the day the music was born and died, both flanked by two large newspaper entries. One a full paged advert in the Melody Maker, a single photo of a tiny band playing in front of […]

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