Shadows and Reflections – Lisa Samson

1 January 2013 // Shadows & Reflections

In which, as the year comes to its end, our friends and collaborators look back and share their moments: Six Miss Havershams trail their white skirts in the mud, sipping mulled wine as they go. A few have trickles of eye liner running down their cheeks, perhaps in sympathy with the original Miss Havisham. A […]

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A moment of reflection

24 May 2015 // On Nature

Lisa Samson on Wenlock Edge, spring 2015. Photo: Mike Hitchins By Lisa Samson The sky is so overcast this morning that Wenlock Edge is shrouded in mist; all that I can see is the hill climbing up to meet it. The rain has just stopped and at first all seems to be still outside. I […]

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Stone, Sky and Snow

1 April 2013 // Miscellany

Words by Lisa Samson. All I see is stone and sky and snow. There are no trees here and the moor land grasses are buried. Pen-y-ghent rises like a giant tortoise swimming in foamy sea, dominating this silent landscape. The track, marked by an absence of grass tufts, curves downhill into Langsthrothdale and there are […]

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A Walking Weekend in Sedbergh

24 February 2013 // Miscellany

Howgills from the moors: Joel Hitchins-Samson by Lisa Samson Approaching Sedbergh from Kirby Lonsdale, the hills of the Howgills rise like giant sugar heaps, sprinkled with snow. In complete contrast to the craggy limestone outcrops of nearby Dentdale and Ingleborough, they are formed out of hard humps of sandstone. Sedbergh is an ancient grey-faced town […]

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A Winter Walk Along the Swale

25 November 2012 // Miscellany

pic by Joel Hitchins-Samson by Lisa Samson Pale smudges of cloud dangle above distant hills that graduate in many shades of charcoal. Grey skies hang over fields of just-turned sods, where a kestrel swoops in search of mice and, before we are ten minutes drive from home, a heron flies above our car, a red […]

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