And No Light Shall Falter: a poem by Nick Power

13 November 2017 // Poetry

I will make you a pallet-bed cardboard and eiderdown for your return I will allay joint pain with diazepam scored from a man in a clamping yard I will lurk about the hospital until you are released when you are free I will run between the gables of every building illuminating them with fire part […]

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There Are Other Forces: a poem by Nick Power

8 October 2017 // Poetry

During the month of The Kowloon I parted ways with my employer rain degged the raby mere where misspelled headstones sprung up like strangled teeth during the month of The Golden Wheel I returned home a man answered the door a messianic man at my mother’s side I ran toward Friday’s field a traveller dispute […]

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Nick’s Pics

25 March 2016 // Nick's Pics

Ovvy Moor – words and pictures: Nick Small This is a photograph of a typical South Pennine landscape, Ovenden Moor near Halifax. It’s pretty unremarkable except for the fact that it’s a skyline that hasn’t looked like this since 1993. That’s when the Ovenden Moor windfarm was built. Twenty three turbines have whirled away on […]

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Nick’s Pics – White Water

14 February 2014 // Nick's Pics

Words and pictures: Nick Small All this rain is good right? Unless your local river has, bored with the confines of its banks, taken a meander through your house, then you probably have government ministers paddling around your garden in their new Hunter wellies looking sympathetic (or bamboozled if their name is Philip Hammond) for […]

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R.S. Thomas’ Uncollected Poems by Nicky Wire

7 May 2013 // Poetry

Like Graham Sutherland’s paintings of Pembrokeshire, R S Thomas has an uncanny ability to combine the ancient and the now, the fear and the hope, the beauty and the degradation of the inner and outer landscape. There is an ominous quality to those paintings and to this poetry. These Uncollected Poems illuminate the duality of […]

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