Every Wounded Soul: a poem by Nick Power

9 December 2017 // Poetry

Every wounded soul all the pulled-apart nerves and knotted guts hearts that are heavy as a hundred-ton feelings that coalesce in some boiler-room immersion tank of the spirit

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And No Light Shall Falter: a poem by Nick Power

13 November 2017 // Poetry

I will make you a pallet-bed cardboard and eiderdown for your return I will allay joint pain with diazepam scored from a man in a clamping yard I will lurk about the hospital until you are released when you are free I will run between the gables of every building illuminating them with fire part […]

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There Are Other Forces: a poem by Nick Power

8 October 2017 // Poetry

During the month of The Kowloon I parted ways with my employer rain degged the raby mere where misspelled headstones sprung up like strangled teeth during the month of The Golden Wheel I returned home a man answered the door a messianic man at my mother’s side I ran toward Friday’s field a traveller dispute […]

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Nick’s Pics

25 March 2016 // Nick's Pics

Ovvy Moor – words and pictures: Nick Small This is a photograph of a typical South Pennine landscape, Ovenden Moor near Halifax. It’s pretty unremarkable except for the fact that it’s a skyline that hasn’t looked like this since 1993. That’s when the Ovenden Moor windfarm was built. Twenty three turbines have whirled away on […]

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Nick’s Pics – White Water

14 February 2014 // Nick's Pics

Words and pictures: Nick Small All this rain is good right? Unless your local river has, bored with the confines of its banks, taken a meander through your house, then you probably have government ministers paddling around your garden in their new Hunter wellies looking sympathetic (or bamboozled if their name is Philip Hammond) for […]

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