Afloat on Shreen Water

4 September 2017 // On Water

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison Sometimes words come easy; sometimes they don’t come at all. Sometimes – not often – I know what I’m going to write, or think I do, and all that remains is to get it down; more often, the blank page produces only avoidance and procrastination. I’ve written about Shreen Water […]

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A dip in Shreen Water

18 August 2016 // On Water

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison August, and I am once more in Dorset, luxuriating in a world that isn’t mine. Always the lush garden with its eight potted agapanthus and riotous vegetables; and around the old stone house the late summer fields. Always the chickens to manage, and the resident dog far bigger than my […]

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Return to Shreen Water

12 August 2015 // Miscellany

Words and pictures: Melissa Harrison Does everyone, as an adult, dream of their childhood home? Do we all revisit in sleep the first world we ever knew, seeing again its superficial features that were once such absolutes to us, and are still charged with all childhood’s intensity? I do. I dream that I visit the […]

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On Shreen Water

15 August 2013 // On Water

Words & pictures by Melissa Harrison. Every August I come to the Shreen to write, and every year, like the river, I am both different and the same. Friends of mine have a house with a garden that runs down to the riverbank, and for two weeks, while they are on holiday, their garden, set […]

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Shadows & Reflections – Melissa Harrison

3 December 2013 // Shadows & Reflections

In which, as the year comes to its end, our friends and collaborators look back and share their moments: It’s been a ‘mast year’, the ground beneath the oaks on Tooting Common brown and rolling with acorns, the bramble thickets in the city park near my house heavy with blackberries. It’s the lovely storehouse created […]

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