Afterwards: a poem by Will Burns

31 March 2017 // Poetry

My mother’s last days were the end of a winter that had become only rolling blackout into blackout— a time I had no hold on. All news held a kind of dread but ours, when it came, felt like coming to. A dimness in an old room, a sense of certain things in absence. Two […]

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Swallowing: a poem by Will Burns

12 March 2017 // Poetry

Like the banks we valued ourselves only as a future, neglected to peg anything to the day that was coeval with our action— the true day that crops up as a raid on memory. How long do you suppose we measured familial intake in rows of poplar trees (as our borders), the length of hands […]

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Out of Doors: a poem by Will Burns

11 November 2016 // Poetry

We knew sun-up as mosquito time playing itself out in a damp wood and the madness, really, of a dawn chorus being taped. Our field recordings made so we might never lose a thing. Later, emptying his house, I found the tape machine. Hit the play button and watched the glossy acetate spool through the […]

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Hurricane – a poem by Will Burns

4 August 2016 // Poetry

The tops of the palm trees (invasive) had been cropped by a coalition of the local woodpeckers and weather. They say the season is getting longer each year. We saw seven black seabirds (unmistakeable, very large, tail-shape diagnostic), effortless in the wind and throwing shadows across us on the beach. I saw a man who […]

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Five Poems by Will Burns

8 March 2016 // Poetry

Five Poems by Will Burns is the fourth in the Clutag Five Poems Series, published by the poet Andrew McNeillie (co-founder of firm Caught by the River favourite Archipelago magazine.) Available here. Anna Wood reviews. This short collection – five poems, handstitched together and printed in an edition of 100 – contains acute images (“pinned/like […]

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