An Antidote to Indifference: issue 11

23 March 2015 // An Antidote To Indifference

Antidote 11: A beer special. Edited by Ben McCormick. Cover art by John Richardson. Available from the Caught by the River / Heavenly Recordings stall at the Independent Label & London Brewers Market, Old Spitalfield, London on Saturday 28 March. On general release from Monday 30 March. Among the contributors are Will Burns, Boak & […]

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Antidote #6 – last few copies

8 December 2014 // An Antidote To Indifference

Heads up: A few copies of Cheryl Tipp’s field recording issue of An Antidote To Indifference (#6) have just gone into the shop. These last remaining copies of this much sought after issue were discovered last week in a box labelled tinsel & lights. Find it here.

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An Antidote To Indifference – issue 10

11 November 2014 // An Antidote To Indifference

After weeks spent collating, editing, proofing and designing, we’ve finally put our latest fanzine to bed. It’s a tangible testament to another great year at Caught by the River and features some of the highlights of 2014, as chosen by us and our contributors. Eye-catching illustrations have been provided by the wonderfully talented Maxim Griffin, […]

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Antidote 9 – the island issue

17 May 2014 // An Antidote To Indifference

On sale now.

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St. Jude’s In The City

15 May 2014 // An Antidote To Indifference //Events

A new exhibition of recent works by St. Jude’s artists Alex Malcolmson and Angie Lewin has opened today at No.5 Fournier Street in Spitalfields, a wonderful building which dates from 1720 where silk weavers originally worked and plied their trade. As part of St. Jude’s In The City, Alex will present a series of new […]

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