Sterna: a poem by Jelle Cauwenberghs

20 May 2017 // Art //Poetry

The wall is a silent witness. The wall is an altar and an anvil. Claw hammer. Sea chisel. Skull cap. Sooty nail. The wall bristles, blooms like a fever dream, say a Santa Cruz beehive cactus.

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Luke Sital-Singh – Slow Makers

12 May 2017 // Art //Music

Over the last couple of years, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Luke Sital-Singh has become increasingly interested in and inspired by the growing community of people in the UK who are reviving traditional craft techniques. This has resulted in a string of short films which Luke has made with various so-called ‘Slow Makers’ in their workshops up & […]

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Humphrey Morice’s return to Norton Conyers House

22 January 2017 // Art

Words and pictures: David Stead Little did I think when I wrote ‘Making A Clean Breast Of It’, for Caught By The River in late 2015 that within the course of a year my life would become so powerfully linked to the scene of the ‘action’ – Norton Conyers House, and to the paintings that […]

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St Jude’s In The City

14 November 2016 // Art //Events

Alex Malcolmson: Ship to Shore Simon and Angie Lewin, lovely people, have been friends of this site from pretty much day one. Their encouragement, from the time when we knew-not-what-we-were-doing, right up to the present day, is always most welcome and much appreciated, (an aside: one thing comes to mind from those early days of […]

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Matt’s Bird of the Week

7 November 2016 // Art //Birds //Books //Matt Sewell //Matt's Bird of the Week

A Pitying of Turtle Doves By Matt Sewell The turtle dove is very much on trend this season; it’s the soft pastel layers with the graphic detailing. Oh so cool, but also so very rare – and becoming rarer. It is looking very possible that this beautiful dove will be extinct from the UK in […]

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