In Search of Fox Hill

18 October 2017 // Art //Walking

Clare Wadd goes in pursuit of a south London scene, 146 years after it was captured by the Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro. In the National Gallery one grey Saturday afternoon, I find myself drawn to quite a small, unassuming painting. A winter’s scene. I’ve not been aware of it before and I don’t know who […]

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The Birds and Beasts of October

1 October 2017 // Art

Happy October. Please enjoy these pages from Shell Nature Studies: Birds and Beasts (1956), which we have scanned for your viewing pleasure.

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Dawn over Doggerland – late August 2017

17 September 2017 // Art

Hi Caught by the River Hope you had a good summer – busy times here but I’ve some more selections for you consideration… These are part of the product from a few nights spent rough camping up and down the east coast, waiting for the sun. I’d drafted a text to go with them but […]

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Stories of the towns, stories of the streets

20 July 2017 // Art //Poetry

Robin Turner assesses Fatherland and Street Poem, the Karl Hyde works showcased at Manchester International Festival earlier this month I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched Karl Hyde perform on stage. I first saw him front Underworld in 1993 at a half-full Venus in Nottingham, my first assignment as their newly-employed press […]

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The Present Topography: Landscape Found

9 July 2017 // Art //Landscape

An incomplete survey of the landmass, drawn on foot by Maxim Peter Griffin 1. People drifting, following the tracks – mammoth ways northward Across what becomes the Channel and the German Sea into uplands A fresh territory – the hunting is good The glaciers are receding and these grasses make for good grazing Stay quarter […]

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